Happy Little Victories|Play Doh & Present Giving

‘Ello lovelies and how are we all this week?

The big question I have asked this week is ‘WHYYYYYY?!’ As much as everything has gone right, everything has gone wrong. This week was a busy one, full of lovely things, but also full of daunting things. Let’s focus on the lovely things though, ayy? The things that make this week special.

Herrreeee we go:


My skin is picking up and I now only need to go to the dermatologists once a fortnight! Yipee! Dealing with any sort of skin condition, from eczema to acne, at any age can be distressing, disheartening, embarrassing and not to mention painful! It is so easy to give up on your skin and let yourself feel like it will never clear or even improve, let alone disappear all together, but slowly mine is starting to become bare able for me. That has to be a good start to the week!



I went on my first trip to Ikea! Everyone was telling me it was like a magical wonderland of flat pack furniture and meatballs. I just don’t get it though. I mean, I get it… it’s a furniture and homeware shop, I just don’t get the hype. I was like a cynical Dorothy following the grey linoleum road through the land of wardrobes and fitted kitchens until I ended up in the restaurant. I wasn’t all that impressed. Although I did realise how old I’m getting when I got excited over marble-esque worktops and terrariums containing tiny succulents.  What is this mischief?

I did, however, get to spend some time with my parents as well as getting a few things sorted out that were hanging over my head. Nothing like that feeling of relief and satisfaction when you finally get something sorted that has been lingering like a dark cloud.


I saw the film ‘Spy’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has the tone and pace you would expect from the minds and performances of Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy. It has a simple, up front humour about it including a lot of play on stereotypes, genre, type casting, pun and slapstick. If you like Feig’s other female fronted films such as Bridesmaids and The Heat, then I definitely suggest you see this. Also, if you like silly comedies, this is a good one for you. If you prefer darker films or comedies with a serious or layered plot, maybe give this a miss.

Also, Rose Byrne’s British accent is 100 times better than it was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Jude Law and Jason Statham also give incredibly good turns in this film, especially Statham, who gave some real comedy gold with his metacinematic, self parodic performance. Miranda Hart also did well in her Hollywood debut, giving a wonderful accompaniment to McCarthy’s character. Yet, I did feel that it was just another version of her semi autobiographical television and radio character ‘Miranda’ that she is most well known for.



I found a huge colouring book in Tesco and decided to treat myself. This whole “adult colouring”… or just colouring because that is what it is, does help me to focus and calm myself. My anxiety has been playing up of late and I find that shading the intricate, geometric patterns and pictures help me to focus, clear my head and calm down. I also really just enjoy doing it. I was big into art when I was younger and now I find it incredibly therapeutic.

The book is called Creative Art Therapy Colouring for Adults and includes 80 designs printed on double pages. I got it for £9.99 at my local Tesco Extra.


I got to give out two sets of presents this week. I had two birthdays this week and I absolutely love giving people presents, more so than I do receiving them. I just feel so happy giving someone a gift that I know they want or that I have really thought about. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The first was a set of candles and different lighters. Sounds crappy, but it was exactly what my friend wanted. I didn’t know what to get her, I wracked my brains trying to think and spent so many hours infinitely scrolling to try and find her something she would like but in the end I gave up and just asked her. She has recently moved house and wanted some new candles for her home and some new lighters to light them… so that is what she got and she seemed to like them!

The second set of presents was a little easier to buy and I didn’t need any help finding these ones. My friend is similar to me in her interests and loves, dainty things, knick nacks, Disney, theatre and film so I went in search of a few of her favourites. In the end I found a little Wicked themed necklace with “Defy Gravity” stamped on it, which I think represents not only a lovely song, but determination and female empowerment. I also found a fun Frozen mug because she is most definitely an Elsa!



I saw a big ole bunch of my favourite girls, some of whom I haven’t seen for months, and we had an old fashioned girls night in. We got out the chocolate and the popcorn, ordered a fish and chips, put on a scary film and set up a board game. The game in question being Cranium. I laughed so hard. I always find the best kind of fun is simple nights in, surrounded by the people who make you smile.

Have a wonderful week of your own gang.

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