Candy Nails & Stacking Rings!

‘Ello my loves!

I’ve been at it again, but when you see a fancy nail polish for 50p tucked away in the clearance aisle, what’s a girl to do? Probably just leave it and carry on your grocery shopping would be the sensible idea… but when did I ever claim to be sensible?


My new nail polish is from the Rimmel London ‘Sweetie Crush’ collection and is in the colour no. 10 Fizzy Applelicious. I know, I’m not sold on the odd name or blatant piggy back from the Candy Crush hype either. It’s not the worst thing I have heard though, it just reminds me of those fun named, peel off polishes I used to muck about with when I was 10.

Pros to this polish are that the colour is soft and wearable, although sherbet green in the bottle it applies with more of a golden tone (a con in its own right). It applies well, gives good coverage and dries surprisingly quickly (just make sure your first coat is DEFINITELY dry, which is nail common sense… that I generally ignore. Oops!) It is incredibly sparkly, which I love being the magpie I am, but I understand that’s not for everyone. The texture is as it says on the bottle: “Sugar textured nails.” However, it doesn’t feel too rough or tend to catch.

(What does catch is my broken nails every damn time I go to work and take chunks out of them… I broke a nail AND cut my finger on a cardboard box the other day! Cardboard! What is wrong with me?!)11354988_10153383052486310_1385517116_n

Cons are the colour, if you were really going for the pastel green shade, you won’t get it with this polish. It also tends to chip around the edges easily, so it definitely requires a top coat. The packaging (whilst mine was grubby, I expect from being picked up, put down and thrown around a lot… hence finding itself the reduced section) is simple and sticks to the theme. Yet, it feels less old school sweet shop and more booby prize at a carnival. All I’m saying is the candy stripe sticker around the label could have been left off or stuck all the way around it.

From the packaging and the name I have a feeling that this polish is aimed at younger teens, maybe taking their first step into the world of branded make up. It doesn’t stop it from being a decent polish though.

= ALSO =

I just want to very quickly talk about my rings in the last photo. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I JUST KEEP POINTING AT THINGS SO I CAN LOOK AT THEM.

All are silver knuckle rings, made from a nickel free base metal. They came in two sets, one set of 5 simple, dainty silver stacking rings: 4 plain and one with a delicate little crescent moon on it and the other is a cuff ring printed with the phrase ‘La Lune’ and a small crescent moon also.

I haven’t taken the cuff ring off yet, I just adore it.

I purchased both sets from a lovely lady called Anna through her Etsy shop StaxxDesignsLLP, which you can find here! She sells lots of lovely, unique jewellery at reasonable prices, shipped from the UK. I received them quickly, they were beautifully packaged in clean organza and silk drawstring bags and wrapped in tissue paper.

Just lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

(My old English teacher would be ashamed at how many times I used lovely in this post. What? It’s the word of the day, OK? OK.)

Have a swell day folks!

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