Happy Little Victories | Twits & Angry Men

‘Ello Lovlies and welcome to the weekend!


So much has gone on this week and I’m excited to share with you.  I have found that, over time, the more you look for the good things, the brighter your week looks. This week the things that made me happy were…


… getting to see the touring production of TWELVE ANGRY MEN. Based upon the film starring Henry Fonda, it follows a jury of twelve men who are ruling over the court case of a young man who is being charged with the murder of his father. The evidence is all there and he seems incredibly guilty, but when the vote comes the jury is hung. One man dares to fight the young man’s corner, read between the lines and question what seems to be the unquestionable. The deeper they delve the more things begin to be turned on their head.

The show was incredible and the way in which the script depicted the art of persuasion and true critical thinking just sucked you in. Although, the absolute feat of the entire show, the thing that got me the most… was the the TABLE MOVED. One minute it was facing one way and the next it was facing the other… BUT HOW! Well, we know how (oh hey there revolving stage) but you just never saw it. God, it made my brain melt.



… getting to have a London adventure with my theatre pals. I always enjoy spending time with these people. They make me smile until my cheeks hurt and laugh until I can’t breathe. Aren’t they the best kind of people to be around? So we took a trip to the Royal Court to see a production of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’. Obviously it was an adaptation as the book is quite short, so a few bits and bobs needed to be added here and there to turn it into a show. The first half I was just a bit confused and a little scared (not to mention my knee caps were all but bleeding from the lack of leg room… they don’t lie when they say “restricted”,) but the second half really started to feel like something happened. Not sure I would take my kids to it though. I struggled not to cry in my twenties, let alone if I was eight or nine! Then it turned into 10 pm pizzas, cocktails and hysteria. The best way to end a night if you ask me.

It is so wonderful to spend time with people who understand your particular brand of weird and jump on board because they are just as odd too! They really are the best kind of people.



Although not many this week, they made me incredibly happy and shone like rainbows in a stormy sky. I hope you can all find your rainbows too!

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