Happy Little Victories | You’re a Wizard Kate!

‘Ello lovlies! What a week it’s been!

I have been here, there and everywhere and enjoying everything so much! There are a few things that have been great and made me immensely happy this week, but there was one day that made me smile until my cheeks hurt, so I thought I would share that one with you over all else. It may have been my third visit, but I went to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter, and enjoyed it as much if not more than nay other time!


Whilst each time has been so special, my first visit a birthday gift from a close friend so THE MAGIC WAS REAL AND WAS THERE IN FRONT OF ME AND OH MY GOD! The second time I took my Mum, who is a huge Harry Potter fan too. It was so lovely to spend quality time with her and do something special. It also filled me with fluffy, good vibes to see her reaction to parts of the exhibits I knew she would enjoy, even if I was really unwell at the time – (go check out my Blogmas posts to have a look at A) Hogwarts in the Snow and B) find out why I was so unwell… because I’m too lazy to explain it all again and because well… HARRY POTTER.)

This time, however, I had my new, fancy camera (my precioussss) and the guts to take it into London with me and use it all day. I was also with a group of friends who are as bonkers as me and love Harry Potter as much almost as much as me. This meant nothing was going to stop us fangirling, freaking out and getting over excited. So we skipped through the great hall, recited Hermione’s opening monologue on the Hogwarts Express, played knock down ginger at the Dursley’s, had epic wand battles by the Ministry of Magic and cried a little bit in the final room.


We were more childish than the school kids there, but we had so much fun I wouldn’t change a thing.

Here are a few snaps from the day, nothing too spoilery (apart from the last one, but nothing could spoil that. Seeing pictures is nothing compared to seeing and experiencing it yourself)










Have a smashing week!


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