Happy Little Victories | Afternoon Tea & Monty Python


‘Ello lovelies! Better late than never eyy? But it’s finally Friday!

This week has, once again, been a busy one, but this time I have spent time with some beautiful people that have brightened it immensely.

This weeks little victories include…


…Making time for the friendliest of friends.

One of the absolute highlights was going for afternoon tea with my old school friends. This september we would have known each other eleven years! It’s crazy how time flies. We all had a wonderful catch up, around the table with a view on a beautiful, sunny day. The cakes were scrummy, the scones were still warm and the company was to die for. It was wonderful, relaxing and special to see them all and do something proper (and completely grown up and adorable, all at the same time!)


…Spending an evening in with my Mum, having some girly quality time and watching as many Harry Potter films as we could manage before falling asleep on the sofa. Sometimes I think we all forget to spend a little time with our parents or loved ones. They wont be there forever, and very often we are their everything. Cherish those you still have around.


…Finishing a crafting project I have been working on for, what feels like, ages! I will do a main post about it, explaining the whole process and why it took so darn long! However, my week can now be efficiently planned and displayed! A crafty post is coming your way.



…Getting to FINALLY see SPAMALOT! The show is currently touring the UK and, at last, I managed to see it. I have been wanting, no begging, to see this musical for years. Now, admission time, I’m not even that big of a Python fan. I haven’t even seen the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail all the way through. Yet, saying that, I literally laughed until I cried during this show.

The cast are so incredibly talented. I am awestruck at just how amazing they all are and how much work has gone into this show. The humour comes effortlessly and the characterisation (multiple characters from a few actors) is out of this world. The nuances in each performance are just so spot on and well… Oliviers for everyone please?!

The story follows the newly crowned King Arthur and his servant Patsy on their search for an army of knights to sit at the round table and find the Holy Grail, a treasure long forgotten. As they head to Camelot they come up against many obstacles, including the dastardly and green fingered Knights of Nip, ferocious animals guarding caves and the French. It isn’t a long show and has a few swears and innuendos, so not for little knights, or big knights depending on how easily offended you are. Completely silly and a belly laugh a minute. I highly recommend catching this show if you enjoy any of the following: puns, wit, clever jokes, silliness or the comedy of the legendary Monty Python.



…Getting to spend some quality time with some of my favourite girls from work outside of, well, work! It is so hard to get everyone’s schedules together, but eventually we managed it. It was just so lovely catching up and having a good old natter with people you can completely be yourself around, morning, noon and night. We stopped off at Creams, a dessert only restaurant and then crawled out hours later.

So they are the highlights of my week. Little things that have happened to me that have made me smile and feel good about life. I hope you can find your happy little victories too!

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