Hot Cross Holidays




‘Ello lovelies and happy Monday!

I hope everyone is doing well and isn’t too full of chocolate/pastry/bread/love!

In the UK, and indeed in many other places across the world, it is an age old tradition to eat Hot Cross Buns around Easter time. These are a sweet bread with raisins or sultanas in and a cross piped on top, to signify the Christian belief of the crucifixion. Of course, like many things, the bigger it gets, the more commercial is becomes and you can now purchase a tonne of other flavours such as chocolate or caramel, to name a couple! Superstition says that if you share one with someone, it symbolises a strong friendship (I guess it’s the old idea of breaking bread to show trust and harmony).



…and then there’s the chocolate!

I know I have been a bit heavy on the chocolate this weekend, but there is only really three times a year that you can justify eating junk for breakfast and I take full advantage.

1. Easter Sunday. The only day where chocolate for breakfast is not frowned upon. We’re celebrating!

2. The day after your birthday, when there is cake and snacks left over. Cake for breakfast, get in.

3. Boxing Day. Half a chocolate orange and a turkey sandwich is the standard right?

Bank Holidays are not just to cure chocolate (or not chocolate) hangovers. I like to think they are days to spend surrounded by people you love and who bring you joy and vice versa. They are also wonderful days to get those odd jobs done, meet up with people who you have not had a chance to see for a while or even make a few phone calls just to say hey! Almost everyone should be enjoying a day off, so it’s a good time to catch up with those few who you might have neglected whist life is full steam ahead. Take a grip of those opportunities the same way you would an adventure or business deal.


It’s time to relax and have some fun. Fill your days with fun and laughter as best you can. After all, it’s back to work tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Hot Cross Holidays

    • Clumsy Koi Carp says:

      Thanks. I didn’t bake these ones, you can get them from most food shops in the uk around Easter time. They’re amazing toasted with a bit of butter!

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