Ooo, Barry M, You Silky Devil.



I managed to score another nail bargain at Tesco the other day: Barry M Silk Nail Paint in Pearl No. 435 for £1. Say what?!  I wasn’t sure what to make of it but I have to say I am not all that disappointed.

I am usually someone who, when going to all the effort of painting my nails, i.e. eating, peeing and setting up important things within reach of the chosen painting spot in preparation for not being able to use my fingers for 20 minutes in case of the old smudgeroos, really likes a shiny, polished finish.  However, this polish is super pigmented and with a pearlised, shimmery look when dried and isn’t the most subtle of polishes and colours.  It does look very on trend and frosty, but it is difficult to get a clean edge.


Up sides are that it gives good coverage in one coat, but may need a second to finish the look depending on how daring you are the first time around, and that it dries relatively quickly.  I felt that it was a little stark for me and needed something extra to make me feel satisfied once it was covering my phalanges.

Whilst it stands out, it doesn’t seem finished, as if something is missing. That may just be me though, needing to throw glitter at everything. In the end I paired it with a basic, fine, holographic glitter nail polish I picked up in a charity shop, but I believe was originally from Primark.


By adding this to my ring finger on each hand (the nail obviously, I haven’t just painted myself… although…NO, BAD IDEA), I felt that it gave the polish the pop it needed. Now I just need to decide if glitter is necessary all over. These are the questions that haunt me.

I know, first world problems, right?

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