The BEST Nail Polish for a Casual Glitter Look!


Browsing through the outlet shops I stumbled upon an incredibly sparkly nail polish that had a real shine to it I had not seen before. I have a serious case of magpie eyes; the shinier and sparklier, the better.

I bought the Ciaté glitter polish in Looking Glass, no. 131Original retail price is £9.00 (pretty pricey for a nail polish) but I got mine reduced to £3.00. The presentation of the bottle is clean and fun and the small, ribbon bow is a really sweet touch for a stand alone product.


The size of the bottle and coverage are both relatively good (this particular bottle being 13.5 ml). I was impressed with the quantity, but then for £9.00, you would expect a fair amount! One thin coat gives an even but decent coverage. Enough to give a holographic sparkle to any colour you put it over, but not enough to give a solid silver pigment. However, two to three coats will give a silver colour and a disco ball finish; beautiful.

The micro fine glitter shines an array of rainbow colours when the light hits it, but remains soft and understated. It would give an air of elegance to a more dressed up look and a gentle touch of sparkle to a more casual look. It is easily wearable without being obnoxious or overly obvious like some glitter polishes on the market, such as chunky glitters or bright or bold, block coloured glitters.


I paired my look with Make Up Gallery, Time to Shine Nail Colour in Winter White, no.2. This polish I actually got from the pound shop, and I have to say I am relatively impressed with it! I just wanted some basic colours to use as base colours, and these are cheap, cheerful and do the trick.

When I first put the glitter polish on top of the white colour, I thought it gave the colour a dirty finished look, but then once I had done a second coat of glitter and the light hit it, I realised just what a lovely effect the glitter gave. It reminded me a little of Cinderella and the gentle but magical sparkle of her dress. Understated, elegant and magical.

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