Off the Cuff Cake| Love Heart Cake

Out of boredom and a cupboard baking supplies, a beautiful thing was born. I started out just baking what I know and it turned into something I was very proud of. The entire bake bloomed out of nothing, just bobbing along and going with whatever the baking fairies popped into my head!

This Love Heart Cake is perfect for any special occasion (especially since Mother’s Day is fast approaching!) And really, it’s all in the heart… literally! It is something that is made with love and can be decorated to your loved ones tastes, likes and desires.



I started off with a vanilla cake but then went on to add cinnamon, to give it a warm kick. It was simply a cake using the basic ingredients I had stocked in the cupboard. Usually, I bake cupcakes (I always feel odd calling them that, as my whole life they have been fairy cakes) but today I thought I may as well put all my eggs in one cake tin and go for a big’un. I have a heart shaped, silicon cake tin/mould that I decided would be good in order to get the height I wanted, as my other, circular, pans would have given me shape but too much width and not enough depth. Oh the joys of baking! Hardcore decision making at it’s finest.

To decorate, I used what I had laying around. I used left over salted caramel sauce to create a thick glaze that covered the top of my cake and then tried to be all whimsical and posh with some mini marshmallows and some teeny tiny silver balls. Everything was done by hand, which explains the homemade, wibbly – wobbliness, but also adds to it’s charm. I attempted to make a falling effect with the silver balls at the top, which I think is my favourite part of the entire cake!


I hope everyone is having a scrummy week!

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