Microwave Turd!|Chocolate Mug Cake.

Today I attempted something I have seen floating around on social media for a long time, and no it’s not those secret, miracle pills that helped a UK Mum lose 10 stone in a week (or something just as unbelievable). It was… A CAKE IN A MUG!


I have seen recipes floating around and always wanted to try it but never got around to it (or could be bothered), but today the sugar cravings were talking to me and I had nothing sweet in the house. Then I thought, cake in a mug! Quick, easy, and no actual baking required, just a microwave! I didn’t have the highest of hopes, since I was skeptical of how effectively a microwave could bake a good cake, so I added a Disney mug for good measure. Make sure to use a BIG mug, as this recipe seems to go a long way.

I have to say, it turned out a bit like a poop in a mug, as it grew in the microwave into some sort of chocolatey monster and was quite dry. However, I added a little butterscotch sauce to the finished product which definitely helped the texture and consistency. Yet, it did the trick, as my sweet tooth was mightily satisfied. It was a simple recipe, as it was pretty much just 3 tablespoons of this, four of that, stick it in a mug, stir and microwave! If you want to give this cake a go, the link I used is right here: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2405644/microwave-mug-cake

I followed it completely, without any changes apart from chopping some plain chocolate instead of using chocolate chips. Not sure I would do it again, and I definitely wouldn’t want to present it to someone as a desert, but for an ok, quick fix, it worked fine!

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