How to be a Unicorn!



Who doesn’t love unicorns. They are the sassy, magical cousin of the horse and, let’s face, we all secretly wish (hope) they’re real. So, whilst they are being discovered, here is how to become a unicorn yourself to pass the time.

1. Be Sassy.

Unicorns don’t give a damn do they? They just trot about being king (or queen) of the magical beasts. They shake their mane, are proud of their sparkles and don’t take anything from anyone. I am sure there are times when other animals have tried to put them down, but I am almost 99% sure that they would have said “Dragon please, do you know who you’re talking to? Get some Nivea on those scales and move on with your life.” They don’t listen to people who hate on them for no reason and they don’t suffer fools gladly. Therefore you’re first step is to be confident and not just accept people who unjustly try to put you down. Be self assured, but not arrogant.

2. Be Colourful

You never see a unicorn wearing monochrome. Even if they are all pale and pearlescent, they still shine and sparkle because they aren’t afraid to express their inner beauty on the outside. In my mind, unicorns have a multicoloured mane, but that’s just me. Either way, you never see or think of a unicorn trying to blend in or suppress their magic or beauty. A unicorn never tries to be a horse. They stay strong, stay different and are not afraid to express themselves, and neither should you. Don’t try to blend, express your inner beauty and do not be afraid of all the horses who seem to think that glitter is a bore. Be graceful, elegant and express yourself.

3. Be Yourself.

You never see a unicorn praying to be a horse. Much like the last point. Be yourself and never wish you were anyone else. A zebra could never be a unicorn and a unicorn could never be a zebra, but they are both wonderful at being their own thing. So, the next step to being a unicorn is to be comfortable in your own skin. Know yourself, have faith in yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses, your blessings and curses. Never wish you were someone else, just own being you.

4. Ice Cream Cones.

This step is optional, but just to add that extra bit of unicorn style, you could attach an ice cream cone to your forehead in some non-painful or scarring way. I’ll leave that one entirely up to you.

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