Check out my shiny balls! – 5 Festive Faves.

So as I was decorating the christmas tree, I was sorting through the baubles we have collected over 3 generations in my family and realised that I have some personal favourites out of all the decorations which always go on the tree. Some new, some old, some pretty, some tacky but most sentimental.  Also, bit weird, but I feel guilty if there is a decoration that always gets put up and I don’t put it up, as if it actually cares, but hey, we don’t want a tinsel mutiny on our hands, do we? So here are a few of my favourite baubles that I wanted to share with you! Odd, but oh so festive.


1. The Traditional Shiny One.

I have a set of these that, every year, are slowly depleting as there is a breakage (ok, the christmas disaster of 2000 was possibly the undoing of this set, when my cat scaled the tree to get at the angel on top and took the ENTIRE thing down. Christmas destruction). These went on my Nan’s tree, my Mum’s tree and now mine. They are still in their original cardboard box, surrounded with disintegrating tissue paper. I don’t have the heart to re-box them.  I just love how shiny and bright they are. They just look so pretty with all the lights bouncing off of them buried in with the tinsel. Simple but beautiful.


2. Baby’s first bauble.

This little (actually it’s quite big) disney corker was sent over from Canada by my family out there when I was a baby. Every year since I was born Daisy has been hanging baubles with me. God love ya’ Dais’! Cute and just on the right side of tacky. As christmas should be (correction: No. Christmas should just be tacky as possible and covered in glitter, but Daisy still rocks the xmas look).


3. The Cute Shop Bought One.

I don’t know what it is about these baubles but I just love them. Probably because they are simply adorable, full of glitter and are a bit different. I used to love Winnie the Pooh as a child and definitely had the teenage Pooh crisis. Yes, I had an Eeyore stage, get over it. It’s that true Pooh friendship shown in a christmas scene, sealed in resin and sold in packs of 5. Yep, there’s 5 of these on my tree and I love each and every one.


4. The One With a Back Story.

This super cute but simple ornament I’m not even sure is meant to be a bauble, but it looks like one and it makes complete sense why it should be. It was given to me by a friend and fellow cast member as a good luck gift on a production of ‘Annie’ last year. If you do not know, a key prop in the show is orphan Annie’s heart shaped necklace, to which she believes her parents still have the other half (but SPOILER: they don’t, Miss Hannigan does :SPOILER). The show (and I think the Disney remake but not the original (and better, in my opinion) film with Albert Finney and Carol Burnett) is set at christmas time, so a christmas tree ornament was such a lovely keepsake to receive! That is why it is sitting proudly on my tree!


5. The Token Vintage Creepy One.

Let’s face it, what’s christmas without at least one creepy ornament that’s been passed down through the generations. This little nutcracker decoration brings back so many memories, completely unrelated to the bauble but has everything to do with the story, like the time I went to a fairy tale fancy dress party as the nutcracker because I didn’t have an outfit and terrified the boys or the first time I ever went to the ballet with my Granddad. From it’s little moving wooden limbs, to his hand painted uniform, to his knotted hair, this nutcracker is definitely the guardian of christmas spirit to me!

And the bonus one that isn’t actually a bauble but goes on the tree every year anyway…



My Granddad brought home these christmas lights when my Mum was a little girl and they quickly became my favourite lights. They go up every year and the year they finally gave up the ghost when I was about 4, I wouldn’t decorate the tree until a new set of lights were bought and the lanterns changed over. These Cinderella carriages are my nod to Pantomime, fairy tales and a childhood full of wonder and magic. They celebrate the year, and they always stay on a midnight on new years eve, to make sure that Cinderella can find her prince in the new year. (Sappy, but it’s almost become a superstition!)

So there you have my 5 (or 6) favourite tree decorations! I hope everyone is having fun and staying safe this christmas time. Do you have any favourite decorations you just have to put up?

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