Come at me Muggle, I had lessons| Hogwarts in the Snow Exhibit

This was one of the most exciting days of the christmas period. I got to relive my childhood and a fair part of my teens… maybe some of my twenties… ok, ok I’m not over it yet. I went to see Hogwarts in the Snow, yes, ‘The Warner Bros Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter’.  I got so excited I lost all sense of dignity and awareness of human space. This is the first time I went for the Christmas exhibit, the wand training experience AND they have just opened the Dark Arts exhibit.

My Mum had never been and she really wanted to go, it’s been on our bucket list for a few years now. I just can’t explain how magical it is. The tour covers every aspect of the film making from make up, special effects, carpentry, wardrobe, visual effects, graphic design, art design… the list is endless. If you’re a HP Universe or film fan, definitely give this a look up. The staff are amazing, the place is well organised and run and it’s just a wonderful experience all round.

I think I can now say I am almost a fully fledged wizard. I’ve flown on a broomstick, been to Dumbledore’s office, wandered through the Great Hall, had a Butterbeer, rode in a flying car and been taught how to use a wand… and all in one day. I’m beat!





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