Disney Inspired Nails!

My finger and toe nails were in need of a good coat of paint. I always find if I am feeling down, panting my nails just makes me feel that little bit more together. As Disney is always a good idea that’s the vibe I went with.

With a brand new castle blue polish at the ready, I chose my two favourite, blue, Disney princesses (or should I say Queens? I dunno. Disney logic; beautiful and beyond me) Elsa and Cinderella.


The polishes I have used are (from left to right):

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in No. 21 Sugar Apple

Essie in No.266 Naughty Nautical

W7 in No.6 Gold Dazzle

Collection Bedazzled Nail Effects in No.1 Razzle Dazzle

Collection 2000 Nail Care 2 in 1 Base Coat and Ridge Filler with Keratin

 Both of these designs are wearable, workable, super easy and can be changed to fit any Disney film (try oranges and yellows for ‘The Lion King’ or contrasting shades of green or purple for ‘The Princess and the Frog’ or ‘Tangled’ for example). All you need is a Disney inspired colour palette, some glitter polish, sticky tape and a steady hand. Since Cinders is famous for her shoes I decided my Cinderella colours would be used for a pedicure and my Elsa colour palette for my hand phalanges.


My pedicure using the Barry M and W7 polish is simple as simple can be. A base coat, two coats of pale blue polish and one or two coats of gold glitter (depending on how sparkly you want them) and your feet are Cinderella ready and waiting to go to that ball. I will not upload a picture of my foot since no one really needs to see that, but the understated sparkle will add the magic to a beautiful blue base colour, just like Cinders ball gown.

The Elsa manicure is slightly more tricky, but the hardest part is having the patience to wait for each coat to dry properly before moving on! Definitely make sure you have a drink at the ready and take a trip to the loo before starting!


I have started with a base coat and then one or two coats of Naughty Nautical, which is a dark teal colour with lots of little, tiny, silver sparkles. I love nail polish but am such a fidget, as well as a little bit cack handed, meaning that I shake a lot and paint my fingers rather than my nail. You absolutely need to sit tight and do not move onto the next step until your base colour has dried. When you are ready, take a small piece of sticky tape. I used regular sticky tape but it may affect your polish if it is thin or flakey. So, if you are worried, choose a tape that will stay in place but not affect your polish, maybe a masking tape or medical tape. You are the only person who knows the condition of your nails or how thick your nail polish will be!

Place the straight edge of your tape about a quarter of the way across the top edge of your nail, sticking it in a diagonal line so it covers the bottom half of your nail. If you are having a little trouble, look back to the picture and see how I have managed to create my diagonal line. The idea is to cover the part of your nail you DO NOT want panted a different colour.

Once this is done you need to paint the top half of your nail with your second colour, mine being the pastel blue again (Sugar Apple). Using the sticky tape will give you a clean, straight line and separate the two colours clearly. Wait for the second colour to dry and give it another coat if needed. Do not remove the sticky tape until it is dry (or very, very nearly if you are a wriggler like me). Be careful when you peel it off, as the tape will probably leave a sticky residue. I managed just to wipe this off with my fingers, but it may come off if you just wash your hands and give it a rub. Once this is done and the tape is removed place your sparkly nail polish over the lighter coloured paint. I have gone for silver sparkles since it gives a more chilly feel, perfect for Frozen!

If you get a small ridge where the sticky tape has been, not to worry. If this happens, I always attempt to smooth it out by applying a clear top coat to the entire nail.

IMG_0499_Fotor nc

To create the look I have on my thumb nail, I did exactly the same process but put my stick tape in a slightly different place, leaving a smaller section of my nail exposed. So when it came to painting on my second colour, it turned out to be much smaller. I then overlapped another piece of tap and did exactly the same thing on the other side of my nail.

If you want to add more glitter, more stripes or bigger sections of your second colour it is entirely up to you! You could always add some snowflakes to make the look extra snowy.

This technique can get a little fiddly, but if you have some patience you can do it too. I admit it is not the most conventional way to create nail designs, but I did what I could using what was around me. No need to go out and buy an expensive kit. Please remember, everyone has different abilities, nail polish and nail condition. Therefore if it looks a bit messy, peels off or the sticky tape goes wrong, do not worry. Just try again or change it to suit you. It is all about having fun after all!

I hope you all enjoy this post. I got a little carried away with my polish and was quite proud of them too. My friends seemed to like them, so I thought I would share. I am sure the technique has been done before, but it does not hurt to put it out there again! Also, this is a momentous occasion. This could be seen as The Clumsy Koi Carp’s first beauty post! I hope you have fun trying out these Disney inspired designs for yourself!

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