Sort of Late Night Baking & GBBO Finale.

This week it was the final of The Great British Bake Off 2014. What can I say? I actually got tense at the end just incase one of those fabulous signature bakes fell down or something broke or did not rise or argh! Baking. I find that every time I watch that television programme I get hungry. I always want a steamy cup of coffee and a nice bit of cake. Always. This time however, I knew it was coming and after a long day, I decided to get my bake on in honour of the finale of this wonderful programme.

IMG_0468_Fotor C

As many cook books as there are in my house, I never use them apart from actual cake. I always google everything else. So, in a departure from my usual cupcake baking antics, I decided to attempt flapjacks and shortbread. I have no idea which recipes I ended up using as I looked at many and it all became a mishmash in my brain. I do know that flapjacks are easy and delicious. Oats, Sugar, Butter, Golden syrup. Whack it in a bowl (I always melt the butter first) mix it up, pack it in a pan (or mould) and bake. It is always yummy and I love yummy.

IMG_0457_Fotor C

Shortbread was weirdly easy. I thought it would be really difficult and all specific, like chilling the dough to preserve the butter and blah, blah, blah but this one does not even need a spoon. Smush the butter and sugar together with your fingers, mix in the essence and add the flour (I feel I am forgetting something). Give it a squidge about, roll it out, cut it up, stick it in the oven. Except DO NOT roll it too thin. It goes all flakey and burnt. The thinner it is, the weirder it tastes. But I will not let that put me off and next time I’ll do a fat one.

IMG_0472_Fotor c

Also, I attempted to decorate my flapjacks with icing sugar and a butterscotch drizzle which is why they go from a golden, oaty, slightly burnt colour to white and brown criss-crosses.

IMG_0473_Fotor C
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