Late night baking part deux (but this time it is for a good cause).

Once again I found myself up until 3 am baking, but this time it was for a very worthy cause. Before I had to shoot off to work, I had attempted to bake cupcakes for a fundraising coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. However, I had also bought fancy new cupcake papers to use. These ones were huge, probably because they were more for American style cupcakes, than the little fairy cakes I am used to. So, after the debacle trying to figure out if I could put them in the oven (one set I could, one set I could not… wait, what), I just used the same amount of mixture I would normally put in my smaller cases. Safe to say my usual quantities did not stretch far enough and the cakes baked in the new cases were like little pancakes stuck at the bottom of a well. So after work, at half past 11 at night, I decided to re do all of the cakes with a double amount of batter. After getting ahead of myself and adding too much flour and having to attempt to salvage the mix, they all worked (even though the batter was all but a little suspicious in consistency).

These were plain vanilla cake (but not what you would normally use for cupcakes… that’s my little secret) with either vanilla butter cream, which I may have died pink in one instance, or chocolate fudge icing. I also feel the need to add that the teapot topped cakes were inspired by the one and only Mrs. Potts, as I wanted everyone to be our guest and eat lots of cake for charity!

My bakes all laid out ready to join the tea party!

My bakes all laid out ready to join the tea party!

I did have a slight mare with them; running out of icing half way through piping and my strawberries seeming to wee themselves overnight in the fridge and having strawberry juice everywhere. I also wanted to attempt some fancy icing techniques but then realised that my piping nozzle collection did not include any nozzles you would actually need in order to do something other than a swirl. A trip to the cake shop is in order! Yet, in the end they all turned out well.

Macmillan Cancer Support are the largest cancer support charity in the UK and reach out to so many people and families who are dealing with cancer. The Macmillan nurses had helped take such wonderful care of my Uncle in his last days and the rest of our family after he lost his fight, especially my Nan, who was distraught after losing a child. If you would like to find out anymore about the charity, ways to donate or how to support them, please click here.Β 

At the coffee morning there were many, MANY, cakes, a raffle, games, prizes and so much love and support there for a great cause. It was wonderful to see so many people joining together and helping to raise over Β£600 for the charity. The sun came out for the day, the daddy long legs kept their distance and I literally had cake for breakfast. Could any morning be more wonderful?





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