The Garden Times

I got a bit snap happy the last few days. I have a new toy and can not stop myself from just taking random pictures of our garden. I have no real knowledge of what all the buttons and settings do and I would love to say I sat down and read the manual like a good little camera owner but no-one does that. Technology and I usually coexist via trial and error. I have a little play and when I can not figure out how to do something, then I look it up. I do want to get firmly to grips with the little bits and bobs and figure out where they are. I have been using the Canon 5d up until now, and generally any of  the smaller DSLR cameras are a lot different. I have figured out most things, but there are certain things I can not get to grips with. However, my lecturers advice to always switch to manual focus is definitely a piece of advice that I have taken on board. It makes things much less frustrating. So here are a few of my first pictures taken with my new baby!


basic banner_Fotor


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