Late Night Cinnamon Cookies

Baking has always been quite a therapeutic thing for me (except that one time I tried to bake six different things in one morning, all quite complicated, for a family gathering in the afternoon). It also occupies me when I am bored and fixes that sweet tooth of mine. I know that if I eat a cookie or a biscuit etc, it will stop me devouring that whole bar of chocolate that I said I would only have a tiny little piece of. For example:

1 cookie = 1sq. of chocolate. 1sq = 1 bar and therefore 1 sq = vomit, meaning 1 Cookie > 1 square. Food math!

So, at ten o’clock last night I decided it would be a good idea to bake cinnamon cookies or Snickerdoodles as they often go by. Now the recipe I had was an American recipe, as Snickerdoodles are mainly American goodies. I therefore spent a chunk of my time converting the recipe from cups to grams, substituting ingredients for things I actually own (since I was in my pyjamas, I was not taking a trip to the supermarket) and changing it to my own personal taste. The actual recipe was a little hit and miss since it was not the recipe I have used in the past and with my weight and heat conversions, it was pretty much trial and error.

Long story short, I got covered in cooking goop and smelt like cinnamon for a while. I also covered the kitchen in flour, dirtied every bowl I seem to own, along with every measuring implement and found a baby whisk. Adorable. I have to admit I am not entirely sure how I got to the final stage but they turned out alright. Well, I like to think they did! They tasted like cinnamon circles of love. They did not have that wibbly wobbly top texture that all the pictures seem to have, but I just go by if they look edible, smell edible and taste edible. Just because they are edible, does not mean they should be. Snickerdoodles are not widely available in the UK, or to my knowledge they are not, so I just go by pictures I have seen on the internet or that accompany my chosen recipe. I think this batch looks pretty darn good!


My ten pm cinnamon cookies or Snickerdoodles

In other news, I finished my article for the magazine! It was difficult due to my lack of a proper brief, even if I was meant to write it myself, but after talking it through with other writers and editors, I got more of an idea and I hope I did it justice. I am not 100% sure if the article or parts of it will definitely make the cut, as I do not want to simply assume that my article is so fabulous it will enter the magazine unaltered or even at all. It talks about a very sensitive subject that we all feel but is not seen as appropriate to talk about in everyday life: sadness. Sounds silly doesn’t it? Well that is what I have written about. It is ok to feel sad at times, as long as you recognise it and make moves to be happy again. Obviously it is far more in depth and hopefully gives a more reassuring discussion of the topic than that, but hey! I am not going to post my article on here before print, that would just be silly!

Other than that I shall be busy burying my nose in a book and going to sleep and definitely not staying up until 3 am watching videos on Youtube. (Sometimes you just get sucked into that vortex and part of me is not even sorry).

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