The Heat


The Heat review.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy create a comedy masterpiece with The Heat, even if there are shades of things we have seen before. 

The film follows the story of FBI agents Ashburn (Bullock) and Mullins (McCarthy) as they are thrown together to try and solve a case. Yet, whilst Ashburn tries to handle the case with logic, playing by the book and sticking to the rules, Mullins does the opposite. The two try and put their differences aside in order to catch the criminals but are they too different or is there a lot to be learnt from each other?



There are moments of comedy gold, and Katie Dippold’s script is incredibly strong as is Paul Feig’s direction. The performance from the two lead women is wonderful. Bullock and McCarthy have such strong chemistry that the inevitable relationship that blooms is believable. It is also refreshing to see two women taking the lead in an action film. Although I must say, even with this look at strong women doing the dirty work and still being incredibly funny, there is a stereotype to both of them. Similar to Bridesmaids, McCarthy plays the very strong and a slightly aggressive, almost masculine in some ways, loud character, who has a big heart and troubles of her own. Bullock plays the uptight female who likes to be in charge and uses her sexuality to do her work. However, it is not a dig at females or in any way portrayed as sexist, it is simply comedy.

There were very few dull moments, often large fight or chase scenes can make



action packed films monotonous, and whilst there were scenes that were slightly predictable, they felt different and new. It is more of a comedy than an action film though, so do not let the light sprinkling of guns and explosions put you off.  It is not a family film due to the amount of swearing, but it is not ill used. Definitely a film that will tickle anyone’s funny bone.

4 stars

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